Esther Franchuk Interview

Esther Franchuk Interview

Esther is a wonderul fine and mixed media artist who travels the world creating and inspiring!

I came across her work through YouTube and I was immediately drawn in by her vibrant colours and personality.

Esther was so lovely and kind to do an interview with me to share with you all and I learned so much and hope you do too! Check out her interview below:

Nadine: How did you get into art? Did you come from a creative family?

Esther: As long as I remember myself I was always drawing smth. Multicolored pencils were my best friends. My mom used to draw a little bit when she was young same as my dad but his drawings were more towards schemes and technical drafts and blueprints of cars and ships. But no one in my family ever done art professionally. I think I’m pretty much a forerunner in this field. I was told multiple times since I was a child, I’m not really talented so if I decide to take this road it’s not gonna be an easy one and it’s true that it wasn’t coming naturally to me. It was all about vision and passion. Since I was little, I wanted to be a great person who could influence others with beauty and truth and art looked like a great asset to do so. So I started my journey of becoming professional artist at the age of 15 with enrolling in my first art college. It was a challenging season with ebbs and flows but it was a first step towards my dream and a great experience I will always treasure deeply.

N: You have the title, The Travelling Artist which is so amazing! Why do you travel so much and how would you say it informs your art?

E: One day it just started again with a dream; to step into the unknown and unfold treasures beyond my comfort zone. I grew up by the sea and seeing the horizon line always made me wondering of what is on the other side and if there is a promise land that holds answers I’m seeking. I love seeing waves and winds and wonder where did they come from and where they are going? I love freedom, I love exploring. Every place, every country, people I meet, places I see, food I try in a way adds to my tapestry of life and to my art new colors I didn’t thought existed. Through every place, culture and language I’m discovering myself and the world from a whole new perspective and I just can’t get enough of it.

Through every place, culture and language I’m discovering myself and the world from a whole new perspective and I just can’t get enough of it.

N: Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from and what do you want people to take away from your pieces?

E: I get inspired by so many things. Everything around, especially in the nature just so full of beauty and visual poetry. I believe we all created by the greatest Creator with so much inside of us and for greater destiny and purpose. So it’s like never ending river of love that just flows through everything. Colors, shapes, lines, sunsets, smells, gardens, dreams, riding horses and conversations with people. Being alive and feeling alive is so rare and beautiful. 

I don’t want people necessarily to feel what I felt while creating a piece. I think art should speak for itself. It’s personal and evokes different feelings and emotions depending of where we are in our life journey while looking at it, so everyone connects differently with each painting and it’s truly my favorite part in being an artist. I do want my art to bring hope, beauty and transformation and things I put into it yet speak directly to every human heart in its own unique way.

N: Walk us through a day in the life of Esther.

E: That’s a tricky one! Every day could be really different! It surely starts with a cup of coffee and some pastries or chocolate. I also love to take it outside if possible and stare at some beautiful view as the sun rising and sometimes I also journal. It helps me to organize my thoughts and prioritize what needs to be prioritize in this specific day. Then I usually take a walk and later in the day I try to paint or at least sketch smth if I’m traveling and don’t have permanent studio. I love going out during the day and talk with local people and hear their stories. It adds to motifs and ideas I could use later and it just feels right overall. We all need community. It’s crucial. That’s how we build ourselves up and that’s how we change the world; one person at the time by giving our time and part of our heart to people we meet along the road. During the day I also usually connect with my online students and help them with their art journey. I really love working with other artists, it’s really fulfilling. Instagram and content creation also takes part of my day but it’s pretty much become a habit that organically flows with my schedule, same as YouTube and marketing.

N: You have an amazing YouTube channel that documents a fair amount of your life and art journey which I as well as many others enjoy watching and learn a lot from! Do you think it is important to share a lot of the behind the scenes and a bit about your personal life? Also, how do you strike the balance of your professional work life and personal life?

E: I think sharing behind the scenes is actually really important. I want to be open and authentic and show pretty much my journey from all of the different angles. It helps to connect more with people and be more relatable. It’s not always a fairy tale, it has challenges. It requires a lot of perseverance and dedication and I want others to see it so they could relate and keep pushing through bc in the end of the day, it’s so worth it. Balance though is a tricky thing. As an artist you basically never feel like you are actually working bc you love what you do and it’s pretty much a dream life to have. Yet you never truly disconnect or stay away from it as people with 9 to 5 do, so it’s hard to switch and just rest. Nothing feels like work and then everything feels like work and you have to develop a habit of having some kind of schedule but also give yourself grace of just doing nothing from time to time. In the end of the day, it all comes into place and flows naturally. 

N: You studied the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute and your story as well as a few other past students inspired me to enrol and to pursue my dreams to become a full time professional artist! What are some of the major differences you learned there that you didn't get from the other courses you were on? Any tips for those who are getting started with the course?

E: Glad to hear it inspired you to take the program! For me the course was definitely a game changer and one of a kind opportunity. I wouldn’t be an artist I’m today without Milan Art Institute. It gave me the courage and freedom I needed and a whole new direction with my career. One of the most important differences is finding your voice and style in art, knowing your aesthetic and your message, what makes you who you are as an artist in your very core, what motivates you and drives you, what grips your heart. I have done art college and academy in Fine Arts and already had bachelor before joining the program yet, I didn’t know what my voice and process is how would I go about the skills I already had through these years. So MAI just put all of these puzzle pieces together igniting with new purpose and brand new perspective. To those who are just starting I would say: don’t be afraid and don’t overestimate the talent, your zeal and perseverance will take you way further than any innate ability or so-called talent will do. Just decide you gonna go for it and do it with all of your heart. It’s really for everyone as long as you really decided that’s what you passionate about so just make it happen and never compare yourself to others. It’s always about your personal progress over comparison. In all of the traditional schools I took before the Mastery Program I used to be one of the worst students yet I’m the only one who not just remain in the field but became successful in it.

N: Do you have any exciting projects in the works or coming up that you can tease/share?

E: Yes, hopefully more collaborations that incorporate fashion design and theatre experiences. One more dream coming true!

N: What tips can you give to an aspiring artist?

E: Identify your goals and know your vision. Then work towards it. It’s always about perseverance and hours behind the paintbrush. We all have bad painting days and bad paintings but it shouldn’t be something to stop you or make discouraged. Keep painting and you will see amazing things unfold through your dedication.

Thank you so much Esther!


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