My Story

I believe art brings beauty and transformation. It changes the atmosphere in every place it goes”. - Esther Franchuk

Spending my days creating art is everything I have always dreamt for since I was young. I started painting when I was 4 years old and I was always passionate about living out your creativity.

Even as a little kid every time when I would draw - I would be trying to depict multiple characters and unfold a bigger story.

The first time in my life when I really felt that I want to become a painter was in my early teen years. I got the opportunity to showcase one of my paintings at the art charity auction in my hometown, Chernomorsk. I remember the awe and excitement being able to present my work and my dreams to the public. I didn’t have much skills back then but it was one of those moments that will change you forever. It was the day I knew deep down in my heart that I want my story to be known to others and I want to make a difference in this world with what I do and what I paint.

At the age of 15, I decided to take the next step and attended Grekov Odessa Art School - the oldest and one of the most renowned schools of art in the country. There I was professionally trained in classical drawing & oil painting. After the graduation I moved to Western Ukraine and studied at Transcarpathian Art Institute for two more years learning about authentic Ukrainian art and folk crafts.

I was also given the opportunity to go abroad to be part of various art programs in the United States, Europe and Asia. One of the most life-changing experiences was taking the Mastery Program & studying under world renowned artists John and Elli Milan at Milan Art Institute in Arizona. Art was always taking me places. I left my home country multitude of times to get closer to my dream. My path unfolded itself one step at a time right when I was ready to take it. It still took a lot of perseverance, faith & courage.

During my travels to different countries, I felt driven to create artwork that would speak to everyone and empower many. Art in any form has always been to me such a unique tool that makes a difference in this world. It doesn’t have language or cultural barriers and it speaks directly to the human’s heart. It’s a unique way to express the worlds within and without us, capture the moments in their very essence and make them tell stories.

Being a professional artist is a dream come true. It’s a fascinating thing to approach a canvas every day and to create something new. Something that didn’t exist before. And to do it for a living. I believe: “When you take risk to dream, you will always be met by God”.

Looking back through all the ups and downs of this 12 years journey - I could confidently say, that everything is possible. Especially, if you put all your heart into it and move forward in faith.