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Prophesy Unseen

I absolutely love this print! It’s gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to frame and hang it. printed on really high quality paper it really does have a velvety tactile feel. The packaging was great and the print arrived in very good shape. Can’t wait to purchase more prints when they are back in stock!

My favorite painting

Esther created the most beautiful painting that captured an import time in my life. I can’t wait to purchase another painting!

Fields of Gold

I purchased “Fields of Gold” because I was immediately drawn to the depth and detail of Esther Franchuk’s work. I am passionate about seeing human trafficking end, and victims restored- and there is something about the eyes of the women in this painting that reminds me of the light that comes back to them when they begin to heal and love begins to rewrite their story. This painting has continued to inspire me, provoking me to dream of things beyond my everyday. I love art that draws you in and helps cultivate wonder, and Esthers art does this so beautifully. There is just something about her art that connects you to something so much bigger than you, and I’m so thankful to have a piece of that in my home!

Something to think about and beauty to behold!

Esther Franchuk is a professional, prolific, prophetic, and passionate artist whose work speaks to my soul. I purchased Esther’s work entitled “Grab ahold of the power.” I am so pleased and excited about this because every time I walk by it in my home, the colors, the composition, the mark makings combined make a powerful, beautiful work that reminds me to be strong! I look forward to collecting another painting by Esther. I encourage you to do the same. You will not be disappointed!

Esther Franchuk
Jose Avalos
Collecting Esther’s Art

I collect three categories of Art, famous Mexican Artists, Modern Mixed Media Art and my daughter Gabby’s Art. In the category of Modern Mixed Media Art, Esther is one of my favorite artist. I collect her art and own two large pieces by her and multiple medium to small pieces. Collecting Esther’s Art is easy because it’s so beautiful. Two of my favorite pieces are a collaboration she worked on with my daughter Gabby in Playa Del Carmen of whale sharks. In summary, Esther is a successful international artist and she is highly collectable, her are is beautiful, and I’m the proud owner of multiple pieces by her.

Esther Franchuk
Nadine Hamilton
Lovely Painting

I was drawn to this piece because zebras are my favourite animals and the colours were so attractive.

Such a cute piece.

Un pezzo di Firenze

Beautiful painting that reminds me of all the beautiful art in Florence:)

Emotions on canvas

Esther Franchuk captures emotions on canvas like no other artist. The painting "Out of Hiding" comes from a time after she started her journey to Vernazza on a rainy day with her three suitcases and an unfinished painting in her hand, soaking up the beauty of Liguria in the first few days and already tasting the delicacies of Italian cuisine.

Arrived at one of the most beautiful places in the world, however, deep feelings emerged and this work was created.

The artist gave the painting a name, but the true meaning always remained a mystery and was subject of various conjectures. And therein lies the beauty of it. I love it.

Esther Franchuk
Ritika Aurora
Inspires me each day

I connected to this piece instantly and the title She Raises just spoke to me as if it was made for me. Each day it inspires me to be a better version of myself and work for my dreams !!

Esther Franchuk
Monika Hricko
Wonderful paintings

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to purchase a few of Esther’s pieces over the last couple of years, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with them. Her vibrant artworks bring so much life and creative energy to my space. I think there’s something truly special about being able to find something new and interesting in a painting every time you look at it, even if it’s been hanging on your wall for months or years. Esther’s work certainly does that for me!

Esther Franchuk
Bianca Inez
Priceless Beauty

Esther’s painting titled “Sleepless” was the very first piece of original art I’ve ever bought. The way that Esther captured the imagery resonated with me so much, and I’ll treasure this piece forever! It’s so dynamic and excellently crafted. I had the privilege of meeting her a couple of years after buying her art and her spirit radiates with so much wisdom and love, it’s no wonder she makes such stunning artwork! Esther and her paintings shine with beauty!

Magical art .

I fell in love with one one of Esthers original paintings.. but sadly it was sold so fast, that I didn't managed to buy it. Esther offered to paint a similar motiv on paper instead of canvas.She suggested to paint it in my favorite colors (blue and purple), so bought art pieces still was unique.
I love her colorful, playful and storytelling art.
And this painting is definitely not the larst painting I will buy from her hand.
It is magic made by an elf

Esther Franchuk
tanya aubut
Pure joy for the eyes!

I love love Esther's work so much!! I'm just so happy to own one of her originals! It brings me so much joy when i look at it; the colors, the details, its perfect!💗💗☺️

Esther Franchuk
Anthony Kim
Amazing art from a more amazing artist

Esther’s art is truly amazing with the mix of colors, textures and medium. I had to buy one of her pieces after meeting her and learning about her background and determination to succeed at her craft. I’m happy that I got to acquire a few before she explodes in popularity! Many good wishes to Esther!