When with the hot summer sun of the square you find yourself in the Indigo Shanti-Cafe room, where the exposition is located, you immediately find yourself in another dimension: time has stopped here, and the interior and music carry far to the East. The works of the young artist, as she herself, organically fit into the entourage of a small cafe, visually adding colour and space.

A series of works, represented under the title “Within & Without”, was born in autumn of last year. The artist notes: “All the paintings are a reflection of my inner world and an external feeling. This is an internal and external dialogue ...”

Her paintings are made in the style of abstract realism. The artist uses the author's mixed techniques: acrylic, inks, graphite, gouache and completes the work with oil paints.

About a dozen paintings are similar to coloured dreams, each of which with its philosophy, and the expressive explosion of colours seems to spill out onto the walls. The artist is close to animalier art, she willingly adds to the plots of animals and birds. Esther loves the colour and experiments with it. Esther's author writing style is peculiar and different from the Transcarpathian School of painting. This is not surprising, because the artist first studied at the Odesa Art School named after M. Hrekov, continued her studies at the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts, and later in the United States. To take all the best from various art schools and trends, getting diverse experience is the key to successful creative development and search for individuality, the artist believes. In conversation with her, one feels the depth of thoughts and the desire of Esther-Anastasiia to reach new levels of perfection – both creative and personal.

Recently her works were exhibited in the municipal art gallery of Kyiv and in the USA.

The exhibition in Uzhhorod will last for a month.

Text: Liudmyla Kozlovska

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk

© Art & Culture Foundation Brovdi Art


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