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Esther Franchuk

On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings

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39.5 x 47 in / 100 x 120 cm oil mixed media

"You encourage me to enter the storm, to weather the storm and lean into the howling winds. Then, like the eagle, you lift me up. You take the storms of life and use them to make me soar. You lead me to a place of peace... even if storms are still raging below."

Painting made on gallery wrapped canvas with use of different techniques and mediums. Piece includes fragments of gold leaf, collage from poetry and notes that will make you find new elements and meanings every time you look at it.

Flow and mystery of inks, visual textures of pattern and real textures from a collage create variety of form. Layers of transparent glazes and finishing touches of oils make the painting pop with vibrant colors and take you into the canvas.


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