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Esther Franchuk

Belonging House

Belonging House

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15.7 x 15.7 in / 40 x 40 cm mixed media oil painting

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"When you long for home as a place to belong. After traveling the world for many years, I tried to build and establish home in every place I went yet it never felt like one.

The desire of belonging is hardwired into our hearts. We feel like we need to be the makers and caretakers of a particular place and thats what we call home. Desire to create and steward beauty is so intuitively in us. Its a reflection of who we are and what our hearts truly long for. Peace, rest and comfort. Yet it's not fulfilled in a building. It goes beyond us and places we live. It comes with knowing our true purpose and identity. Knowing that buildings don’t hold power, but the people who fill the buildings and purpose behind it.

I’m finding myself more and more through the roots I almost lost. And I see my art is blossoming like never before."


Painting made on canvas with use of different techniques and mediums.

Visual textures of pattern and different collages, including Ukrainian poetry, create variety of form. Layers of transparent glazes and finishing touches of oils make the painting pop with vibrant colors and take you into the canvas.


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