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Esther Franchuk

Bountiful Thoughts

Bountiful Thoughts

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10 x 12 in / 25.4 x 30.5 cm mixed media oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas 

We all are blooming in our own unique way. From simple act of kindness, sincere friendship to major impact on generations. You don’t even have to be creative to exist loudly. We are on the same planet, but somehow, we forget to look at the mystery above us, the beauty that surrounds us and how abundance revealed in everything we are and everything that we live among.

When you truly live in your destiny with the belief that you are enough and who you are and what you do matters - you are blooming. And in all of your blooming, you don’t have to waste another moment comparing yourself to others. You got a unique story.

Like spring flowers in full bloom in a bountiful garden, the abundant life is ready for the picking.


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