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Esther Franchuk

Prophesy Unseen

Prophesy Unseen

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49.2 x 76.8 in / 125 x 195 cm mixed media oil painting on canvas with 24k gold leaf embellishment

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Art & faith give me strength in current time like nothing else does. Making room for more growth and blooming in this season of uncertainty.

This painting is my heart cry and a declaration of God’s destiny over Ukraine. It’s about hope & future. It’s about breakthrough and great awakening. It’s about strength that is not found in the current reality and faith that is not based on circumstances. It’s about different vision. The vision that comes from a deep understanding that our identity and future as a nation isn’t canceled or defined by the war.

When darkness is all that seems to surround me, I learn to draw closer to God, align my thoughts with His and prophesy the promise., speak light into the darkness., because the light could never be overcome.

Ukraine is not just a buffer zone between Russia and Europe or the rest of the world. It has bigger purpose and calling. It’s a bread basket and a prophetic voice for the nations. It meant to blossom, feed and nourish multitudes.

And now despite all that is happening - it’s rising up, making its voice and destiny known for the world. The war gonna be over. The “winter” gonna pass, the night gonna pass, the darkness gonna pass and we will see the light again, hope and beauty, restoration and healing.

The real strength is in overcoming. The spring is in overcoming the winter, breaking forth and giving new life.


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