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Esther Franchuk

Wings Of The Wind

Wings Of The Wind

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31.5 x 39.3 in / 80 x 100 cm mixed media oil painting

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"Hope is like refreshing wind from Heaven. It allows us to persevere through the fear and pain of difficult seasons. Hope can cause us to soar to new heights in the face of strong headwinds. Hope comes forth on the wings of beauty and purpose. It shifts the atmosphere. It opens Heaven and Earth for expansion and it speaks of the promise not yet seen.

Our land is our inheritance. By speaking and painting hope and future for our nations - we release them into their true destiny and purpose. 

Cities rebuilt, lands restored and new life calling ahead."

Painting made on canvas with use of different techniques and mediums and is embellished with 24k gold leaf.

Visual textures of pattern and real textures from a collage create variety of form. Layers of transparent glazes and finishing touches of oils make the painting pop with vibrant colors and take you into the canvas.


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